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( historical data used by Wikipedia )
The Bay of Zea or older Pashalimani is the second largest port of Piraeus with circular shape .
The port took its name from the homonymous cereal. Specifically Hesychius delivers the following etymology : " Zea, Hecate par Athinaiois and areas of ports in Piraeus so called from the cereal of zeias and has the Piraeus port three closed " . Herodotus ( B 36 ) states that the Egyptians considered the zeia as cereal superior to wheat and barley .
Of the three major natural ports of Piraeus (Mounichia, Zea and the main port), shown historically that the latter was the one who received the first workers on Themistocles, for the construction of those ambitious port projects. So the port of Zea and Mounichia allocated entirely to the naval needs of Athens. Preference was they, the big port, because the fullest security provided by the overhead in these hill Mounichia.


Πασαλιμάνι: ιστορία & φωτογραφίες